Von Der Wilmothhaus

Welcome to 2021.  We certainly hope 2021 brings everyone good health, success and prosperity!!

01/01/2021 - Welcome Zorra (aka Sora) von Winsome Perters' Elite. Sora is a daughter of Kaspar von Tronje and Nova von Tronje! This 18 month old, lovely female has a bright future.  Watch for her on the field and in the show ring this year!

Welcome Ursula to arrive soon in our country.  Ursula isa 2 year old female,  IGP1, V, and has her initial breed survey.  She will remain in Germany to be bred to Ares dei Verde Colli IPO3, V4 GHKL BSZS 2018, V7 GHKL BSZS 2017 and V14 GHKL BSZS 2016 with "a" normal hips and elbows and LUW:0. Thenshe will come to us.  I will add more news and details soon.  Very excited about her litter...should be stunners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 02/02/2021 -  Congrats to Maximillian von der Wilmothhaus(aka Sabre) and his owner/handler/trainer, Mary, on being awarded their novice trick dog title from AKC....The on 02/12/2021, they were awarded their Intermediate Trick dog title...Two nice achievements.  Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03/02/2021 - Congratulations to Hyperion von der Wilmothhaus(aka Kenai) and his owner/handler/Trainer, Emma, on achieving the AKC Trick Dog Advanced Title on this date.  Kenai is now Hyperion von der Wilmothhaus  CGCA, CGCU, TKI, TDA.  Great job!!!!!!!
03/08/2021 - Our lovely Ursula dei Murolo was confirmed pregnant via ultrasound this day!   Sire of the NN litter Wilmothhaus is V-Ares dei Verde Colli IPO3  KKL life.....V4 GHKL BSZS 2018.....Super Ares.  Very exciting for us.
04/06/2021 - congrats to Maximillian von der Wilmothhaus and his owner Mary for receiving their Trick Dog Advanced title from AKC.. Great job!

04/10/2021 - Our Ursula and Ares puppies arrived....the NN litter Wilmothhaus is here!!!!

06/11 thru 13/2021-At the Countyline Hundesport Trial judged by Arthur Collins:
Greta vom Roten Feldweg and Kathy-- IGP3 and High in tracking (98 points)
Hap von der Wilmothhaus and Kathy - IGP2
Zorra von Winsome Peters' Elite and Kathy-  BH and High BH
Ely von der Wilmothhaus and Beth - Fpr3
Hachi von der Wilmothhaus and JoAnna - BH
)8/28/2021 - At the 2021 MER Conformation Championship, the following Wilmothhaus dogs' achievemeents:
Greta vom Roten feldweg - V4 in the Working Females
Zorra von Winsome Peters' Elite - SG2 in the 24 Month Untitled Females
Hachi von der Wilmothhaus - SG3 in the 24 Month Untitled males
Nyx von der Wilmothhaus - VP5 in the 4-6 month females
     Congrats to all!
09/24-09/26/2021 -  Countyline Hundesport Trial judged by Al Govednik:
Geron(G)...IGP3 with 99/90/97=286!!!!  High in Trial, High IGP3, High Tracking, High Obedience and High Protection ...great day!
Greta vom Roten Feldweg earns her FH1 with 96 points
Hap von der Wilmothhaus earn shis IGP3
Zorra von Winsome Pteres' Elite makes her AD and 99 points for her Fpr1

09/30 thru 10/03/2021 - at the USCA Sieger Show in Gurnee, Illinois:
Kathy's Greta vom Roten Feldweg was made V5 in the stock coat Working Females AND was awarded a performance award for outstanding Bitework....4-5!
Kathy's Zorra vom Winsome Peters' Elite was made SG6 in the stock coat Open females!
From our NN litter- Nyx von der Wilmothhaus made VP in the stock coat 4-6 month females!
Great weekend and super results!!!!!!!