Von Der Wilmothhaus

Our V-Orly vom Ketscher Wald IPO2, KKL life and Certified Narcotics K-9 delivered the MM litter Wilmothhaus on September 4, 2020.  Litter's sire is our V-Yasso von der Wilmothhaus IPO2, KKL.  Both Mom and Dad have "a"normal hips and elbows and are DM clear(n/n).  This ALL black litter has 2 males and 1 female.
Maximillian aka Sabre on
June 27, 2021...Nice!
Maximillian aka Sabre
5 1/2 months..getting big!
February 2021
Messina December 2020
Ms Inquisitive!
Messina 6 months...Sizing
up the jump to get the rope.
The impish Messina just
swingin' on a rope!
MM litter female, Messina,
at 12 weeks
MM litter male February 2021
December 2020..MM pup sabre and
his "BFF"!
MM male pup, aka Sabre after
one of his plane rides...
Solid puppy!
MM puppy 4 weeks...loving TV!
The MM "kids" love playing
outside with Paula. 7 weeks!
MM puppies LOVE to play!
7 weeks!
MM puppy at 4 weeks watching
old westerns with Tim!!!!
MM puppy at 4 weeks
MM puppy at 6 weeks
MM pups at 3 weeks
MM puppies 3 days old
Sept 7, 2020