Von Der Wilmothhaus

Personality and Beauty

Bali was imported from Germany in November of 2006.  Her lovely movement and good looks will compliment either of "our boys"  She hit the ground running for us by achieving a "V" at the Sieger Show in April 2007.  We are VERY anxious to see how this lovely Hill daughter will produce for us.

V Bali von der Bermbacher Scheune Sch2 KKL1a (Life) a"normal hips
SZ#2151084, USF7527, AKC DN18367401
Sire VA Hill vom Farbenspiel Sch3, KKL1a(LBZ)
Dam V Emelie aus der Leichtweishole Sch1, KKL1a
Bali on the front half helper
at the Protection Test at the
2009 Sieger Show! Another nice
picture taken by Jen! Thanks!
Thanks, Jen, for taking this
SUPER shot of Lionel catching
Bali on the back half of the
Protection Test at the 2009 USA
Sieger Show. Nice catch/Nice bite!
Bali and Katharina gaiting
after the Stand for Exam at
the 2009 Sieger Show. Bali
was V7 and given a trophy for
her excellence in the bitework
in the Protection Test!!!!!
Bali and Katharina in the Stand for
Exam on Saturday of the 2009 Sieger
Show. Soooo lovely!
Sunday at the 2009 Sieger Show
The rains came and stayed. Bali
and Kat picked up their fair
share of mud as they gaited to V7!
Bali, showing off her trophy
from the 2009 Sieger Show in
Chicago. Judge Dorssen told
our handler, Katharina, that
Bali was judged 2nd in the
bitework for the Working Females.
The top 6 females and top 6 males
in the bitework were recognized
and awarded trophies.
Dumb Bells at the OG Buckeye August, 2007 Trial.
Bali being presented by our
friend and handler, AK.
Photo was taken by another
friend and handler, Yvonne.
I love this photo!!!!!!
Long Bite Protection Test Sieger Show 2007
Front half Protection Test 2007 Sieger Show
Bali guarding after an out!
Bali heeling for Sch2.
Bali earning "V" in Working Females at the Southeast Regional March 2007.
Bali's Blind Search for Sch2
Bali during critique in
Working Females 10/18/08
where she was awarded V1.
Handler is our friend,
Bali's 1st bite during
protection Test for her
KKL1 for Life 10/19/08.
Kathy's "dainty" and
"delicate" Bali all
laid out on the long
bite of her protection
test for her KKL1(LBZ)>
Bali en route on the 1st
bite in the protection test
for her KKL1 for life.