Von Der Wilmothhaus

News from Wilmothhaus Kennel

12/29/2022 - Our V-Geron vom Osterfeld 3 X IGP3 KKl life produced a wonderful litter out of Jill Ross's SG- Deva vom Haus Bella IGP2, KKl.  Six lovely females...sables and bi-colored.....G, You have never disappointed!!!!!! Cannot wai to see these "little trains"..Both Deva and G fall under the premier tier in USCA/SV's breed worthy program!   Should be a great litter.

10/20/2022 - Our lovely Zorra von Winsome Peters' Elite produced our double P litter Wilmothhaus today!  Sire of this litter is our IGP3, Lucca son, Wenzel grandson, Hap von der Wilmothhaus.  Six puppies, 4 males/2 females are doing great!   NICE litter!  Good job Zorra and Hap!

09/24/2022- Our Geron vom Osterfeld(aka G, Dr G, The Train) earned his 3rd IGP3 at the Countyline Hundesport Fall Trial judged by USCA judge Al Govednik.   G was super with a 92/94/98=284.  G was trialed by Kathy.   G was super this day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09/24/2022 - Flint von der Wilmothhaus(aka Boomer)(Lucca/Willow) earned his IGP1  at the Countyline Hundesport Fall Trial judged by USCA judge, Al Govednik.  Boomer is owned, handled and trained by Cheryl Zimmer. Good job!   On to the IGP2!!!!!!

09/24/2022 - Caden von der Wilmothhaus(Emilia/Wenzel) and his owner/trainer/handler, Laura Sauter, earned an Fpr1 with a super 95 points at the Countyline Hundesport Fall trial judged by USCA judge, A Govednik! Great job!  On to the Fpr2!!!!

09/13/2022 -  Our lovely Zorra von Winsome Peters' Elite (a Kaspar daughter) ultrasounded pregnant via ultrasound today.  Looks like our Hap von der Wilmothhaus is the sire of our upcoming PP litter.  Hap is a son our our Lucca vom Winnloh and his mother, Willow von der Wilmothhaus, is a daughter of our Wenzel von der Edelquelle.  Looking forward to this litter that will have the genes of some of our favorite dogs!!!!!!  Puppies due on or around October 20the.

07/30/2022 - Congratulations to Hyperion von der Wilmothhaus (a Willow/Lucca son), aka Kenai, and his owner/trainer, Emma, on receiving SG2 at the NW Regional Conformation Show in Utah and judged by USCA Heidi Theis.  Congrats Kenai and Emma....Good jjob!

07/02/2022 - Our lovely Greta vom Roten Feldweg is made 2022 Mid East Region Siegerin by winning the Working Females stock coat (V1) at the Mid East Regional Conformation Championship judged by USCA judge Karen Mac Intyre and hosted by South Michigan Schutzhund and Police Club. She was handled by Sean Murphy.

06/10/2022 - Zorra vom Winsome Peters' Elite earns her Fpr2 under USCA judge Arthur Collins at Countyline Hundesport's trial. Kathy loves tracking Zorra. Nice track!

06/12/2022 - Geron vom Osterfeld aka G earns his 2nd IGP3 under USCA judge Arthur Collins and handled by Kathy at the Countyline Hundesport trial.  Kathy is proud to hand this guy for Tim.

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Our lovely Greta vom Roten Feldweg was named Mid East Regional Siegerin(V1) at the MER Conformation Championship on July 2 by winning the Working Females (stock coat).  Show was judged by Karen MacIntyre and hosted by South Michigan.