Von Der Wilmothhaus

Hap von der Wilmothhaus

Born April 12, 2017   Sire: Lucca vom Winnloh     Mother:  Willow von der Wilmothhaus
"a" normal hips and elbows   DM clear

05/25/2019 - BH at the OG Ohio Hundesport trial judged by Christiane Groene-Seidel
11/10/2019 - TR1at the OG Ohio Hundesport Trial

Hap and Beth in Michigan
in October 2017.
Hap...just turned 2!
Hap in August of 2017
4 months! Nice pup!
Hap at 4 months practicing
hup-hup with Beth on leash.
Hap during BH on 5/25/19
Hap with judge on May 25, 2019
after earning BH
Hap at 8 months.

Nice headshot!
Hap 3 1/2 months
Hap June 2017 2 months!
Hap with Beth and Paula in
August 2017
Hap January 2018 Guardian of
the birdfeeder!!!!!
Hap and Beth October 2017