Von Der Wilmothhaus

Hap von der Wilmothhaus

Born April 12, 2017   Sire: Lucca vom Winnloh     Mother:  Willow von der Wilmothhaus
"a" normal hips and elbows   DM clear

05/25/2019 - BH at the OG Ohio Hundesport trial judged by Christiane Groene-Seidel
11/10/2019 - TR1at the OG Ohio Hundesport Trial

Hap and Beth April 2020
Kickball Hap's fav Game
Hap and Beth in Michigan
in October 2017.
Hap...just turned 2!
Hap April 2020 Looking all
grown up!
Hap in August of 2017
4 months! Nice pup!
Hap at 4 months practicing
hup-hup with Beth on leash.
Hap during BH on 5/25/19
Hap with judge on May 25, 2019
after earning BH
Hap at 8 months.

Nice headshot!
Hap 3 1/2 months
Hap June 2017 2 months!
Hap with Beth and Paula in
August 2017
Hap January 2018 Guardian of
the birdfeeder!!!!!
Hap and Beth October 2017