Von Der Wilmothhaus

News from Wilmothhaus Kennel

     06/14/2017 - Congratulations to JoAnna Bratt and her Aaloni von der Wilmothhaus on Aaloni's achieving the AKC Canine Good Citizen title.  Aaloni is a Wenzel/Domina daughter.  Good job!!!!

     05/27/2017 -  Congratulations to Byron and Frankie vom Haus Weinbrand(Cid/Drama) on achieving their IPO2 at the OG Ohio Hundesport trial judged by SvV judge Hermann Schaemann.  Byron is the owner /trainer and Frankie's breeder is Valerie Miller.  Great job!

     05/20/2017 - Congratulations to Charlie Snyder and two of his Griff/Nikki offsping on achieving titles at the OG Buckeye Schutzhund Trial judged by SV judge Hermann Schaemann.  Charlie is the owner, traineer and breeder of both dogs.  His Raye achieved her IPO1 and his Pete achieved a TR1.  Kudos and congratulations!!!
      Also at this same trial, Kelly Grim and her Elsa von der Wilmothhaus(Wenzel/Emilia) achieved the BH!  Kudos and congratulations!!

     05/13/2017 - Ed Wiernik and his dog Vince von der Wilmothhaus(aka Kayne) achieve another IPO3 with 99/96/98= 293! Trial was held at the Buckeye-Keystone Hundesport Klub and judged by SV judge Karl Diesenroth.  Vince/Kayne is a daughter of Tim's great bomb dog, Zoe. GREAT JOB!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!

     04/27/2017 -  Kathy's Ely von der Wilmothhaus(Wenzel/Emilia) gets the a stamps for his hips and elbows !!!!  a normal!!! AWESOME!

     04/12/2017 - Our Willow von der Wilmothhaus gave birth to 10 puppies...7 males and 3 females.  Sire of this nice litter is Lucca vom Winnloh.  Lucca's page is under the In Memory Tab.  Willow's page can be found under the Females' tab.  This is a repeat breeding of our AD and AF litters found under the Litters' Tab.  Pictures soon!!!!!!!

     01/21/2017 -   VERY EXCITED to share that our VA-Madonna vom Badsee IPO2, KKL gave birth today to our GG litter Wilmothhaus.  Litter is sired by our V-Wenzel von der Edelquelle IPO3, Sch3, FH1, KKL.  These puppies should be lovely with the desire to make the work AND have great temperament!  Cannot wait to watch them grow!

     11/19/2016 - At the Mid East regional Conformation Championship in Indianapolis judged by SV judge Herr Brauch the following Wilmothhaus dogs or dogs sired by one of our dogs did very well:   
     Caden von der Wilmothhaus  SG1 in the 18-24 Month Males  (Wenzel/Emilia)- Laura Renk
     Flint von der Wilmothhaus  VP2 in the 4-6 Month Males(Lucca/Willow) - Cheryl Zimmer
     Valkyrie  Aus Gerstbrei VP3 in the 4-6 Month Females (Ivana/Wenzel) - Cris Doss

    11/118/2016 -  Big congratulations to Haven von der Haus Weinbrand and her owner/trainer/breeder, Valerie Miller, on achieving the BH at the NEOWDA trial jusdged by SV judged Herr Tautz.  Haven and Valerie were also awarded High BH out of 8 BH's.  Haven is a Drama/Wenzel daughter!  Great job!

     9/18/2016 - Congrats to the following Wilmothhaus dogs for their rating at the SMSPC conformation show:
Ely von der Wilmothhaus VP1 in the 6-9 month males ( Wenzel/Emilia)
Elsa von der Wilmothhaus  VP2 in the 6-9 month females(Wenzel/Emilia)
Caden von der Wilmothhaus  SG1 in the 18-24 month males (Wenzel/Emilia)
Flint von der Wilmothhaus  VP1 in the 4-6 month males  (Lucca/Willow)

     09/17/2016 - Tim's Orly vom Ketscher Wald achieves her IPO2 title at the SMSPC trial.  Orly is now V-Orly vom Ketscher Wald IPO2, KKL for Life and a certified Police K-9!

     06/24/2016 - Kathy's Ely von der Wilmothhaus, a Wenzel/Emilia son, gets his results back from OFA on his DM test--Clear N/N/ - just like Dad and Mom!!!

     05/28/2016 - Kathy's Yasso von der Wilmothhaus, a Wenzel/Goldi son, earned his IPO2 today at the POWDC schutzhund trial judged by Herr Hermann Schaemann.  He was, also, High IPO2.  VERY proud!!!!
     Also, a Wenzel son, Hassle vom Haus Weinbrand aka Kaos, bred by Valerie Miller and owned by Mark Jefferies, was awarded his BH at the POWDC trial.  Mark is a first time handler/owner in the sport and has worked very hard!

     05/22/2016 - Congratulations to a Cid daughter, Frenzie vom Haus Weinbrand and Frenzie's owner, breeder and trainer, Valerie Miller, on their receiving their IPO2 today at the OG Ohio Hundesport's Trial judged by SV judge Hans Christian Boll..  GREAT job!  Frenzie was, also, High in Trial!

     05/08/2016 - CONGRATULATIONS to Vince von der Wilmothhaus (a Zoe son) aka Kayn and his owner/trainer/handler, Ed Wiernik, on their 8th place finish out of over 50 dogs at the USCA Working Dog Championship in Michigan.  They scored a super 276!!! You have worked very hard---that work has paid off.  Great job!

     05/01/2016 - Our lovely Madonna vom Badsee is made VA5 in the Working Females at the USCA Sieger Show in Indianapolis, Indiana and judged by SV judge Dieter Oeser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An amazing performance all weekend. SO PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     05/01/2016 - Our Orly vom Ketscher Wald makes SG in the Working Females with a very nice performance all weekend at the USCA Sieger Show in Indianapolis!!! VERY NICE!
     05/01/2016 - A Cid daughter belonging to Valerie Miller (Frenzie vom Haus Weinbrand) made SG in the Working Females Class at the USCA Sieger Show in Indianapolis.  Super work all weekend. Congrats!


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January 9th is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.  In honor of our many K-9's partners that have served us and our communities, we will honor many of them here on our home page.  These dogs truly gave meaning to "PROTECT AND SERVE"!

K-9 Eiche Tim's 1st Bomb Dog
Retired from street at 12!
K-9 Doc
Tim's Patrol/Narcotics K-9
K-9 Griff
Patrol/Cadaver K-9
Sch3, FH2, KKL2 for life
2006 Hero Dog of the Year
K-9 Kimon
Patrol/Narcotics K-9
7 X SchH3, KKL1 life
K-9 Lucca
Patrol/Cadaver K-9
also multiple Sch3, KKL1 and
multiple V in conformation.
Outstanding sire for Wilmothhaus.
K-9 Orly
Tim's Narcotics, Tracking and
Evidence Recovery K-9
V,IPO2 and KKL for Life
K-9 Zoe
Tim's Nitrate Detection Dog/Bombs
K-9 Diana
Kathy's Patrol/Cadaver K-9
K-9 Brown
Kathy's super Narcotics K-9
K-9 Gina
Tim's Nitrate Detection Dog/Bombs
K-9 Ace

Kathy's Patrol/Narcotics K-9
K-9 Blitz
Kathy's Narcotics K-9 SUPER!!!!